I’m on A Boat! in RPGnow’s top 100! THANK YOU!

Wait, what?

I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who’s picked up and endorsed my first Dungeon World adventure pack, I’m On A Boat! The feedback has been amazingly positive and it’s really inspired me to keep going with these.

I hope everyone who’s picked up a copy has a fantastic time playing – be sure to let me know how it goes! (And if you’ve not picked it up, go grab it – let’s make it to #90 next week!) read more

I’m on a Boat!

Following a string of exciting adventures the watch insist on calling “crimes”, you have decided it might be a good idea to leave the country. To that end, you’ve secured passage across the sea…

Download your copy (pay-what-you-want) from DrivethruRPG

I’m on a boat! was my first ever Adventure PDF, and as popular as it’s been I knew it could do with a fresh lick of paint. So enjoy this free update! The design has been brought into line with my other adventure PDFs and I’ve expanded on the original content with more creatures, more loot and more maps. read more

Weeding the Aspidistra (Part 3)

Players: Gabe, Talos and Kendrick (from last week) plus Yana, an alien pilot.

Ten Days Later….

Yana, a no-nonsense soldier and pilot from the Alais system gets a private message from the XO. “Ten days ago I sent a team to cripple the Aspidistra. Last I heard, there was some kind of accident on the station and the ship left in the confusion. Two of the team are dead and one’s locked up at the station – the other three, I have no idea. Get over there, find out what happened, and finish the mission.” read more

Weeding the Aspidistra (Part 2)

Session 1, Part 2

(Crap! I left it too long to write this up, and forgot the details. Sorry! Any participants reading this – feel free to email and jog my memory, and I’ll update it.)

The team head to Docking Bay 94 – the bay is locked down, but surely there must be records nearby of the parts and work being done on the ship?

The crew find a linked workshop with just the details they need, in equal parts cajoling and tricking the poor engineer on duty there into revealing the appearance of the ship’s officer who ordered the parts. read more

Weeding the Aspidistra (Part 1)

The players: TALOS the hacker android; KENDRICK the dour human engineer; “GABRIEL” the mutant kleptomaniac, fixer and compulsive liar.

Session 1, Part 1

The party were all gathered in one of the ship’s cargo holds, turned into an impromptu briefing room (a few chairs, a holo-projector, that sort of thing). After several minutes of waiting, TORQUILL and EDWIN – the ship’s XO and chief of security (also, previous characters of Gabriel’s and Talos’ players) enter. read more

Recovery from the Malcontents

Characters: Erlenmeyer (helpful robotic labourer); Edwin (veteran security chief of the Stymphalian); Xenon (chaotic evil mercenary*).

Game: Orison (v2.9..ish), my under-construction sci-fi RPG.

Thoughts: Tom seemed to enjoy running the session but agreed it was a different beast to WRFP, as the GM doesn’t roll any dice (a la Apocalypse World et al.) Henchmen need some work – perhaps for future sessions henchmen guarantee a success for one roll relevant to their occupation, after which they’re dead meat? Also, finally a death roll – yay – although it was rushed. Interesting there was no complaint for the character actually taking the death option, regardless. Needs more research! read more