A Masque at Midnight!

Mayor Tacitus’ son has come of age and tonight there is to be a commemorative masque in the young lad’s honour. You and yours are here after your last adventure, looking for an opportunity to celebrate victory - or commiserate defeat!

Dominar’s Mountain

The Dominar Estate, ever under siege by the savage mountain clans, has been all but destroyed. In desperation, it’s lord has called his banners to launch one final assault. He intends to either wipe the clansmen from his family’s land, or die trying.

The Quartz Monolith

Rising a hundred feet over the western shore of Chalcedon, the quartz monolith stands in stark contrast to the rolling hills and fields around it. No-one knows where it came from, though the dwarves and crystal-kin are often blamed.

Kheluz-Gund, the Dwarven Convoy

Built by the dwarves long ago, the Kheluz-Gund is a transport – a towering convoy of earth elementals. You were hired to ride the convoy and guard a particular piece of cargo. Right now, you and the cargo are secured in the middle carriage. The other passengers are going about their business while outside you hear the dull booms of the elementals on their passage through the deep dark… read more