A Masque at Midnight!

This is Pewsey, a picturesque seaside resort on the social up-and-up. Mayor Tacitus’ son has come of age and tonight there is to be a commemorative masque in the young lad’s honour. You and yours are here after your last adventure, looking for an opportunity to celebrate victory – or commiserate defeat!

But who wants Mayor Tacitus dead, and why, and will the players be able to get away from all the cheap booze for long enough to do something about it?

A Dungeon World Adventure

Yep, another one! This one’s a little more light-hearted (as you can probably tell.) It’s also a semi-sequel to Dominar’s Mountain – you don’t need to have played that one first, but reading both might shed some more light on a few NPCs.

A Masque at Midnight!

In case you’ve not seen it, here’s the playtest video we did as well. Quite a few things have changed between this and the final product, but it should still be interesting to watch:

Dominar’s Mountain

The Dominar Estate, ever under siege by the savage mountain clans, has been all but destroyed. In desperation, it’s lord has called his banners to launch one final assault. He intends to either wipe the clansmen from his family’s land, or die trying.

The clan’s leader – a dangerous escapee from the Chalcedon stockades – is known to Lord Dominar. You and a dozen others are part of his retinue, striking over steep hills towards the leader’s camp at the peak.

You’ve been on the path for three days. Yesterday, Lord Dominar took an arrow in the sternum; he won’t stop moving long enough for it to heal properly.

You hear bestial howls echoing across the craggy rocks. Do the clansmen have hounds? Or something worse? You aren’t sure.

What do you do?

Dungeon World Adventures

For Mike Burnett, one of my Patreon followers – with thanks!

Dominars Mountain

August has been a tricky one for writing – work commitments has kept me away again. Here’s hoping once we get into autumn things will settle down! In the meantime, enjoy this adventure and the playtest videos below:

The Quartz Monolith

Rising a hundred feet over the western shore of Chalcedon, the quartz monolith stands in stark contrast to the rolling hills and fields around it. No-one knows where it came from, though the dwarves and crystal-kin are often blamed.

A team of archeologists and philosophers have arrived from the city to study the monolith and discover whether it’s secrets are a threat or an asset to the Chalcedon empire. Their studies have revealed two things so far: the quartz holds some kind of magical power and is incredibly – some would say impossibly – old.

Only one adventure in July? Forshame, I know. Summer sun and work commitments have kept me away from Dungeon World this month. Still, the Quartz Monolith got a good playtest – and here it is! One of my first youtube playtests uploaded with my Patreon followers. I look forward to more of these in the future.

The Quartz Monolith

Kheluz-Gund, the Dwarven Convoy

Built by the dwarves long ago, the Kheluz-Gund is a transport – a towering convoy of earth elementals. You were hired to ride the convoy and guard a particular piece of cargo. Right now, you and the cargo are secured in the middle carriage. The other passengers are going about their business while outside you hear the dull booms of the elementals on their passage through the deep dark…


The Curious Contraption!

You’re in a clearing in front of an abandoned mansion. ‰ ‰There’s a strange contraption of glass and bronze ahead of you. Someone is fiddling with the bell-jar apparatus at the bottom of it. The contraption has already started sparking and fizzing. You hear the footfalls of the interloper’s companions rapidly approaching. What do you do?

I got the weirdest inspiration for this one. About halfway through Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (don’t judge me) they use some kind of gizmo planted in a forest that I happened to think looked cool, so (as you do) I started writing an adventure around it! Here’s the result. Hope you enjoy!

The Curious Contraption