Brave New World!


And here’s the last PDF of 2014 – and a map!

I’ve had this under construction for a while – it’s a ‘culture guide’ designed to add a little flavour to your characters. I’ve also included ideas for a few people and places from each location, to help spark some new adventures when you need it!

(I’ve done some playtesting, but as always feedback is useful and will go into any future re-releases.)

So there you go – a great combination to use with the map last release, and a fun way to end the year. And what a year it’s been! Thank you again for all your support, hope you enjoy, and see you in 2015!

Brave New World


4 Halloween-themed Adventures

It’s been a bit quiet here at for a few weeks, but I’ve still been hard at work! Here’s four adventures with a distinct Halloween flavour for October (well, 3 for October and one for November… but they’re still pretty good together!)

Download October’s Patreon Adventures for Dungeon World!

Downstream of a Dead Town

The doom of Sherford began with the interest of the dragon Demophon. Although his kin cared little for the knowledge of mortals, Demophon – a mere whelp at eighty years old – had developed a morbid fascination into alchemy. Unfortunately, in spite of his ‘hobby’ the dragon had no more empathy for men, elves, dwarves and the like than the rest of his kin.

The Tomb of the Golden Child

Ten days ago, an infamous Umberto con artist broke into one of Umberto’s oldest pyramids – the necropolis of Nebu Khaba. With the help of a tracker named Buddy, he attempted to steal enchanted burial supplies, but the trip went south and only Mal returned.

When Mal returns to the pyramid with the players, they will all need to unravel the mystery of what happened to Buddy – and what terrible evil his actions may have unleashed!

The Wolf of Otranto

A solitary cry echoes through the trees, followed by a long howl. The pines start shaking violently, though there’s little wind to trouble them. Nearby – but which direction? – a twig snaps. What do you do?

On Crystal Thews

Crystal-kin, you can handle. Vampires, sure why not. But crystalline vampires? That’s a new one. The village elder led you here, to this broken sepulchre; standing guard, a blood-soaked creature of copper, quartz and gravel. Spitted on one of the titan’s crystalline shoulders is the blacksmith’s son. The monster’s spotted you, and he’s pissed.

What do you do?

The Castle’s the Key

You knew you couldn’t take the elves at their word when they said this castle’s been abandoned for generations, but here you all are: up to your necks in peril. Again. One of you figured out the key was able to magically change shape, granting access to the secret room. One of you kept everyone together during that ambush in the smoke-filled room. And one of you (there’s always one!) is currently pinned to the wall by a poison barb trap…

The Castle’s the Key

A Death in the Forest!

Adventurers! You stand beside a pleasant, bubbling brook at twilight. The scent of pine needles and fresh moss lies heavy on the air. A chill wind scatters leaves around your feet. A bloated corpse is lying face-down in the water. He seems to have been drained of all his blood. What do you do?

Epidah Ravachol happened to post about a writing/white noise site called Noisli the other day, and on a whim I thought I’d check it out. It was really nice! I played around with the settings and found a rather nice combo of running water and birdsong that reminded me of a peaceful forest. And then, because I’m a bit weird like that, I wondered what said forest would be like with a corpse in it. A few hours later, here we are…

I quite enjoyed writing this one. There’s less locations and maps I’m afraid – I recommend Dyson’s maps in lieu of having anything prepared myself. I did include more impressions though, so hopefully this will fire up your imagination for some forest adventures by the fading light of day!

A Death in the Forest

Aberrant’s Eye

Reports of an unlicensed gnomish airship crashing into the Aberrant’s Eye mountain has been the talk of the taverns from Nosjad to Nekesti. What were they transporting, and why were they taking it to the location of the so-called “last home of the gnomes”? Get your swords and head north, adventurers – it’s time to find out. Oh, and be warned – the gnomes have a reputation for often-fatal “security measures.” Don’t forget that 10-foot pole…

You guessed it – another Patreon PDF!

Aberrants Eye

12 pages of PDF goodness ready to throw at your gaming group for your next game of Dungeon World. And, as always, if you like what I’m doing you might have heard rumours of this Patreon campaign I’m running.


The heroes of Daviston died long ago, but their spirits roam restlessly in Havenshine castle. Before the castle topples into the ocean, the party will need to venture within to uncover the mystery of these four warriors!

Havenshine is the latest Patreon PDF for Dungeon World. This PDF was made with the help of Alex Davis who provided the details of the four spirits as part of his reward. As with all these PDFs, do let me know if you have any comments, feedback, questions or future ideas either here on or my Patreon page.

Unsafe Vaults and Horrible Havens

The Planarch Vault

You’ve just landed on the Planarch Vault, a sky-fortress built to hold criminals too dangerous to simply kill. It’s guarded by a team of wardens, mighty warriors each – but last week they didn’t report in. You’ve been sent to find out why. Your job is to infi ltrate the complex, rescue the wardens if possible, and ensure the vault is secure. (Spoiler alert: it’s not secure.)

I like to think of this one as Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Gremlins 2: the New Batch. (One location in particular from that second movie – I’ll leave you to figure it out!) My playtest group and I had a lot of fun with this one – so much so that we didn’t get time to do a third adventure this month. I hope this bumper-sized adventure makes up for it!

This is the first of my Patreon adventures dedicated to one of my pledgers – in this case David Schirduan and his Planarch Explorers! I’d like to thank David and his group for the awesome help and inspiration coming up with this adventure, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Unsafe Vaults and Horrible Havens