A Stench in Nosjad

You are in Nosjad to earn your fortune, the same as most of this cities’ million residents. To that end, you have come at the request of your sponsor – more on them shortly – to investigate a spate of missing persons in the shipping district. People have been going missing in the area around Remly Powersplurt’s workshop for the last 3 weeks. There seems to be no pattern to the dates or victims, and no ransom has been posted. Uncovering the mystery of these disappearances alone will improve your reputation – but what your sponsor has to offer is even more enticing…

A Stench in Nosjad

Actual Play:

I’ve tried a couple of new things with this week’s Patreon PDF adventure. There was a lot of talk on the Dungeon World tavern last week about prep vs improv play that influenced me to update the “how to use” guide I’ve been adding at the start of each book. This week’s offering is also more directed, but – I hope – not so much that it detracts from the improvisational playstyle of Dungeon World.

I’d be keen to hear what you think on this process, so I’ve left comments open below. You can also reach me via the contact form, or look me up on G+ (links at the top of the page.)

Edit (09/02/2014)

Following on some excellent suggestions from the DW Tavern, I’ve made a few tweaks to this PDF.

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The Sanguine Forest

Between Altai and Nekesti, the greying firs and skeletal birch trees become more dense and inhospitable. This is the final resting place of Mamut-bogh, the necromancer’s favoured beast. His bones lie here still, jutting from the ground like rotten teeth. Smart travellers do their best to avoid this cursed place – and the wild, enigmatic creatures that nest within Mamut-bogh’s ossified corpse.

The Sanguine Forest

A new adventure PDF, supported by Patreon

We’re going back to nature this week, with a good old-fashioned haunted forest. Part of what makes a good fantasy location is a familiar place – like the old woods – with a little spin to make things a little more unique and memorable. I really like the idea of some ancient monstrosity still scaring the willies out of the townsfolk and emboldening the dark hordes that make the forest their home (until a certain band of brave adventurers come put them in their place, that is!)

As always, enjoy this PDF and let me know what you think – I’ve added a contact form you can reach me on, I’m always on Google+. If you liked this adventure and would like to see more, there’s always my Patreon campaign, too!

Trouble in Nekesti

An Adventure PDF supported by Patreon

The farming town of Nekesti is plagued by enemies without and corruption within. While the population of industrious gnomes, surly peasants and grim-faced templars all try and avoid lynching each other, their magistrate has much darker plans…

Trouble in Nekesti

This is my second PDF funded by my kind Patreon followers, and it’s a bit of a quest hub! I’ve included two adventure starters in here to kick off the action, as well as some random tables to add further complications to the players’ lives.

Following on some feedback, I’ve included a couple of simple maps of the town and the Kalareth estate as well. If you’d like to see me develop these in more detail, or want to see more of something or less of another, I value your feedback. And if you’re not currently supporting me on Patreon and like what you see, you can pledge a buck or two to help me write more.

Failspeake Gorge

Since the emergence of the gnomes, the caverns below Failspeake gorge have been a hotly contested territory. For years, no side was able to claim the upper hand, but the recent arrival of a doomed human in search of power and a titanic ogre in search of dinner may finally settle the conflict once and for all.

Failspeake Gorge is a 16-page PDF detailing a themed collection of monsters, setting ideas, magic items and other goodness to be used with the Dungeon World system. This particular system is all about caves and mines, based on a couple of games and ideas I’ve run with my regular gaming/playtest group (thanks guys!)

Enough talk, I want to play!

Failspeake Gorge

Let me know how it goes and leave me feedback – send me a message on Google+. If you like what you’ve read and you’d like to support me making more, you can donate to my Patreon campaign at patreon.com/jbinc, including a few fun reward levels.

Have fun!

Altai Keep

It’s owners destroyed by the templars of the Stolen Faith, Altai keep has been abandoned for centuries. But new evidence suggests the masters of this frozen mountain castle have returned. The minotaur lords of Altai laid waste to a dozen villages before an army of templars managed to overthrow them. their return could mean the end of centuries of prosperity for the farmers living in these lands. it will take heroes of renown to travel to this imposing fortress, find out who or what has brought about their return, and stop it – provided they can first survive an encounter with some of the most feared creatures in all the land.

Altai Keep

A Dungeon World Adventure

This is a adventure pack I wrote on Christmas eve for me to run in the new year. My group have been fighting in steamy jungles for a while now – time to go somewhere a bit colder. GMs: there’s lots of blanks to fill in for your players. If you think of a particularly good one, let me know.