Book Review: Spider from the Well

My good friend Tim Reed asked for my thoughts on his latest book, Spider from the Well, and I was happy to oblige! Tim is a young author of fantasy novels and short stories. You can get most of his content on Amazon.

Spider from the well is a short horror story by Tim Reed about the titular spider hiding in the well. Out for a pleasant walk in the English countryside, a young couple chances upon a rotting, faded journal. On a lark, they begin reading – only to discover the last words of a landowner, dead for decades, and his story of dimensional horrors lurking in his well and beyond! read more

Interview with me at Play to find out!

This afternoon I had the pleasure of chatting with Matt Smith (not the eleventh doctor, sadly) about all things Dungeon World, gaming and my creative process. I had a lot of fun! Check out the link here:

Play to find out! Joe Banner Remix Interview

A few other people and links mentioned in the interview:

Servants of the Cinder Queen Kickstarter

Kaitlynn Peaver illustrations (thedandmom) on Patreon read more

“Sell me this pen”: Sales techniques in RPGs

I finally got around to watching The Wolf of Wall Street a couple of days ago, and as expected, I loved it. A big part of my job is selling, so I have a soft spot when sales techniques are portrayed in modern media.

Anyway, I was pondering the movie this morning and I got to thinking that “sales” might apply to a GM’s techniques in an RPG as well. After all, you’re trying to get your players to buy in to the idea of a fantastic world, right? The payoff is you all have a good time. If the pitch goes badly, you’re less likely to (if you like) close the sale – the players will get less interested in the game. read more

Some Dungeon World Questions, answered

Last weekend I got an email from Pierre in Quebec. As a new player and GM, he had some excellent questions about gameplay. We had a good chat by email and, as I think I’ve seen similar questions pop up at the Dungeon World Tavern before, he very kindly agreed to my request to post the conversation online. So here we go!

Hello Joe! We had our first session this morning with the Planarch Vault! We had a lot of fun! I was playing with my wife and kids (7 and 9) who have no experience with RPGs, and I was GMing for the first time! So there was a big learning curve, but we still had fun! read more

One land, three options: Diversity of settings in Dungeon World

Something that’s been bugging me recently is how many times can I rewrite the same old fantasy tropes?

I do dabble in writing standalone games (see No Sleep Bad, for example) but basically since I discovered Dungeon World I’ve focused my energy on making stuff within a tried-and-tested system. The problem with that, I’m feeling right now, is how many times can you set up a game in a market, or tomb, or cave, or keep or whatever until you’re just rehashing old content? read more

Dungeon World Review!

OK, I know what you’re thinking. This blog is crazy for Dungeon World, surely this post is a foregone conclusion!

Well… yes. But I’m writing this review for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I want in to the Adventurers’ Guild. Secondly, on this, the 40th birthday of Dungeons and Dragons, it’s a good opportunity to write about my experiences with both systems and why Dungeon World comes out on top. And finally, it occurred to me that although I’m writing all these lovely adventures, it doesn’t hurt to write down why this particular system is so appealing. read more

Wealth (2) – Shopping in town

Continuing from my last post on player money in Dungeon World…


I touched on this last time but based on feedback and further thought, here’s my revised moves regarding shopping:

When you spend a few hours getting mundane supplies (rations, adventuring gear, ammo) you get d6+CHA of them. You can split the result between different supplies as you see fit.

You could roll for this whenever players start a session in a settlement, if you like, or let the players prompt you when they want to make the move. There’s a tiny chance, if player’s charisma is really bad, they LOSE something instead – it gets pickpocketed, they end up owing someone money, or similar. If characters are hoarding equipment, that’s fine – use up their supplies, or show them the downsides of hoarding equipment (it makes you a target for muggers, for example.) read more