20 Campaign Setting Questions

SPOILERS – if I’m running a game for you right now, don’t read any more.

Funny story: this is my second attempt at writing these. The first pass felt really constricted, and kind of based on a load of stuff I’d already established in the setting. Writing these answers down felt like an opportunity to provide more info about the world, for myself and my players – so I had another go. I’m much happier with these results. read more

Orcs, Ogres, and the Pecking Order of Dungeons

Tolkien made no difference between Orcs and Goblins, but I grew up with Warhammer. I’ve read some great ideas about goblin biology over the years (the Goblins from Goblin Punch: manic, masochistic, utterly alien biology.) But while I was thinking about all that, my mind wandered to how goblins, orcs, whatever, all fit in my understanding of threat in a dungeon system. IE: How likely am I to go “oh crap” depending on what I’m facing? read more

The End of Google+

“So how do you market your stuff, Joe?”
“Well, I have a Patreon, which is a bit like Kickstarter but works on a monthly basis. And I usually post my stuff on Google Plus.”
“Google Plus? That’s still going?”
“I know, right? Anyway yeah for some reason it’s where all the RPG people go. It’s alright. There’s a bit on Facebook too but I don’t really use that either.” read more

Creature: Mortuary-General

A lithe, stone creature, 8 feet tall. Reeks of death and precision.

Stats as Lich or Necromancer. Race: Humanoid/Death

Resistant to piercing (Stone skin). AC as plate (18)

8 HD (5e: At least 80hp)

A death wizard who was responsible for some unholy element of the Dwarrowdeln’s construction, probably the pharoah-like entombment of the Architect-king. Obviously they’re still going. Technically, every 130th tile on the Dwarrowdeln functions as their phylactery. read more

Different Mimics

Goblinpunch and Chris McD both talked about traps recently. They’re decent reading, and got me thinking about traps too.

Overcoming a good trap might be the cornerstone of an entire session, right? They’re pretty important, and not just in a “here’s a thing that isn’t 1d6 goblins to throw at the party” kinda way.

Tangentially related – I picked up a sick Mimic model from Reaper Bones the other day. So now I’m thinking about good traps, interesting mimics, and ways these can be the cornerstone of a good session’s play. read more