UCP: Intro

[[ Welcome to the Rue-de-le-Ronde, Section 19, Citibrite-884.

It is the year 20×8. Earth is a neon and oil ruin. Humanity is a skin-and-silicon mess. Look at a person, it’s hard to tell where the human ends and the robot starts.

You wish you lived out there – the outer reaches, where life is simple. But you don’t. You live down here, where only three things matter: the MAN, the GOV, and the CREWS. read more

20 Campaign Setting Questions

SPOILERS – if I’m running a game for you right now, don’t read any more.

Funny story: this is my second attempt at writing these. The first pass felt really constricted, and kind of based on a load of stuff I’d already established in the setting. Writing these answers down felt like an opportunity to provide more info about the world, for myself and my players – so I had another go. I’m much happier with these results. read more

Orcs, Ogres, and the Pecking Order of Dungeons

Tolkien made no difference between Orcs and Goblins, but I grew up with Warhammer. I’ve read some great ideas about goblin biology over the years (the Goblins from Goblin Punch: manic, masochistic, utterly alien biology.) But while I was thinking about all that, my mind wandered to how goblins, orcs, whatever, all fit in my understanding of threat in a dungeon system. IE: How likely am I to go “oh crap” depending on what I’m facing? read more

The End of Google+

“So how do you market your stuff, Joe?”
“Well, I have a Patreon, which is a bit like Kickstarter but works on a monthly basis. And I usually post my stuff on Google Plus.”
“Google Plus? That’s still going?”
“I know, right? Anyway yeah for some reason it’s where all the RPG people go. It’s alright. There’s a bit on Facebook too but I don’t really use that either.” read more

Creature: Mortuary-General

A lithe, stone creature, 8 feet tall. Reeks of death and precision.

Stats as Lich or Necromancer. Race: Humanoid/Death

Resistant to piercing (Stone skin). AC as plate (18)

8 HD (5e: At least 80hp)

A death wizard who was responsible for some unholy element of the Dwarrowdeln’s construction, probably the pharoah-like entombment of the Architect-king. Obviously they’re still going. Technically, every 130th tile on the Dwarrowdeln functions as their phylactery. read more