The Twitching Hive

You’re in a dimly-lit sandstone room, deep within a ziggurat built by giant ants. Your twin elf guides are looking very nervous. One of the four stone slabs around you is piled with ores, another with mouldy plant-life. A fungus the size of a tree has sprouted from it. You spot several twitching shadows shuffling towards you. The ants seem diseased, their faces swollen and discoloured. More of them are swarming from the southern corridor. What do you do?

The Twitching Hive (v1.1)

The Twitching Hive is the first adventure for May (I was hoping it would be the last in April, but it wasn’t to be.) Nonetheless I hope you enjoy!

Update, 23/11/2014 – thanks to Ben George for the errata!