Commission Work

Just a reminder I take on Web Design, Game Design and Layout Consultancy work. Previous experience includes:

  • 4+ years on Patreon designing Adventures for Dungeon World
  • Multiple published printed works (written and designed by me) on DriveThruRPG
  • Featured adventure designed for Perilous Deeps
  • A printed article in October’s Rolled and Told magazine by Lionforge
  • Lead Designer for Bone Marshes Kickstarter
  • 10+ years Web Design experience building WordPress websites
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    Dx/UCP: People and Places


    (There’s the man, the biz, and the crews

    The crews fight each other, and the biz keeps the peace. The man sits in the middle and gets richer off the victor. If you’re not with a side, you’re screwed from all angles.

    The crews run the blue-collar stuff. The biz are the middle class. The man’s the 1%. If one of them stops working, everything suffers. They live in an ever-shifting balance of who can screw over the other two the most without dying on their ass.) read more

    DX (DND but Cyber/Future/Punk

    I love the setting and idea of Shadowrun but have zero desire to learn that system. In general, every time I’ve got excited about a cyberpunk game, i’ve found it too complex to easily get into – much less convince others to play.

    My GM’ing life is basically Dungeon World and DND 5e, and I don’t have a problem with that. Both are easy to learn and give players a lot to work with. As a result, most of my gaming circle knows how to play at least one of them.  read more

    Hunter’s Cove

    Warning! If you’re currently in a campaign I’m running, there’s spoilers ahead…

    Hunter’s Cove is a huge grounded airship a league or so from the ocean. The airship, Le Chasseurs, was the first and last of its kind; an experiment in more fanciful transports than the burgeoning rail industry. When it crashed, it hit the ground with such impact it carved a mile-long scar into the ground. For the longest time, it was considered lost with all hands, only to be rediscovered by the wider world beyond the Dragonspine mountains. The handful of survivors, along with native settlers to the region, turned the wreckage into a settlement. read more

    I made a new game on

    It’s called Solid St8 and it’s about cyberpunky robots on the edge of rebellion. Download it for free while the Goon Jam is still running, and let me know what you think!

    Macchiato Monsters

    Quick signal boost for this fab game by Eric Nieudan and published by my boy Paolo over at Lost Pages.

    Very glad to see this Light RPG make it to 1e at last – it’s been a long time coming. I read and enjoyed the Zero edition and had the pleasure of playing a game with Eric at Dragonmeet a couple of years back. I loved the blend of Whitehack and The Black Hack, but at the same time it definitely felt like it’s own game. Eric’s got a good GMing style and this comes through in the book he’s written – what’s in the tables, what gets prioritised, and what’s left unspoken for y’all to work out at the table. read more

    Don’t Play to Win.

    This has been a difficult week, and if you’ll excuse the self-indulgence, I wanted to post a small something that has come to mind recently regarding playing tabletop games positively.

    As you may know, I play a lot of Warhammer. Warhammer (and wargames of their ilk) have a lot of stigma for promoting unpleasant behaviour. I was thinking about this, especially in regards to things to say to new players to help encourage positive play, and I came to a realisation. read more