Vine Agaric

A horrible symbiote of fungus and tree. All it needs to move and breath is some flesh…

Solitary (1d10 damage 12hp) 3 armour, slow [static], terrifying, large

It starts with a dying tree, crying out in pain. (Trees can feel pain, just not in any way that’s easy to understand. Druids know this, but can’t do much about it save lament the circle of life, and other mutterings. There’s a good reason most druids go mad.) read more

On the Nation of Mirkasa

Mirkasa is a cold, bleak place. A jagged mountain range dominates the northern coast. The isolated islands beyond are almost impossible to reach, being surrounded by vicious seas and dangerous whirlpools; but it is said the island of Jakabol, birthplace of the giants, can be found there.

The northern range is capped by Gnolgorroth, one of the tallest mountains in the world. An entire culture, the Gnolgi, once lived below this peak. A mysterious calamity – rumoured to be of the Gnolgi’s own making – drove them onto the surface, where they have re-settled with their surface-dwelling neighbours. The two cultures have had much to offer one another, and Mirkasa as a whole has prospered; but only the most naive would believe the two peoples exist peacefully. read more

The Founding of Mirkasa

The giants were dead, victims of their own barbaric hungers. In time, the men of the northern mountains uncovered their legacy. They used their spells and relics to raise the dead, corrupt the living and bind the souls of free men. So began the reign of the Kang Admi, the first necromancers, whose very name is a byword for unspeakable sin.

The lady Mirka was the daughter of a mountain farmer, born into servitude during the heyday of the necromancer’s dread reign. It’s not known why their magic did not work on her. Strength of faith? Natural immunity? Or a skill, self taught and hard earned through years of oppression? Whatever the source, when she came of age she learned to share her power with her tribe. They became known as the first templars of Mirka, and with each victory, more of the undead were scourged from the land. read more


A quaint farmstead of wood and old iron, surrounded by rotting wheat. You might come here investigating strange tales of witches up to no good, or the cursed wheat getting up at night and terrorising the neighbourhood.


Where is it?

The hinterland region of Mirkasa, a few leagues north of the Umberto border. From Nosjad city, you’d travel for about a week through a dozen or more backwoods and villages, until the cold forests give way to rolling farmland. From the Malachite mines, you’d have to cross the breadth of the Iron wastes and likely contend with one or more Templars once you crossed the border. read more

Stormania, the Eclipsed Isle

150 leagues north of Mirkasa (near the mythical lands of Jakabol) lies Stormania, one of the world’s northernmost islands. Through some quirk of magic and geography, the island is prone to frequent and extended eclipses. During the long, dark months, all manner of monsters freely roam the land; the locals have learned to keep their doors bolted and pray for a fast sunrise.


If you’re an avid Patreon follower like me, you may have seen Dyson Logos recently hit the $300 mark on his Patreon. That’s great news for two reasons – his work is great, and every map released at that level is available under a CC-BY license.

So to commemorate this, this month’s first adventure is based around Dyson’s recent map, the Titans’ Teeth. I’ve added some of my own spin on it (as well as an enemy that might be familiar if you’ve given I’m on a Boat a go..!) read more