Warrens of Odokar

“There were twelve of us, at first. They got Leland, his wound wouldn’t stop bleeding. He kept keening, like a dying pig. Swarund put him out of his misery, but his wailing was enough to signal more. They came from the dark. They howled like dogs and smelled of copper. I would swear the one that got my leg used to be our lighter-boy. Now I sit and wait. When the wind blows, I hear their distant howls. I will not be kept waiting long, I think.” read more

Vectis 1769

This venerable island-city has been plunged into economic depression, following the assassination of its most prominent guildmaster. More than 1000 craftsmen have lost their jobs. Many of them roam the streets, living in shacks cobbled together from junk. The guildmaster’s granddaughter was last seen living in a hovel in Lavender Park.

With so many clever but desperate folk on the streets, crime is at an all-time high. For the right sort of individual, that means opportunities… read more

Sanderson Distillery

When the distillery was sold, its factories were mothballed. Dozens of workers lost their jobs. The new owners partially converted the building; the new cafe and museum is generally agreed to overpriced and underwhelming. The old owners have questions, and need someone smart to find their answers. 

While desperate fools scrounge through piles of rubbish, the savvy plan to infiltrate the old complex to find better treasures inside. And you’ve heard the new owner is looking for able-bodied men and women, though details are mysteriously absent…. read more