Warrens of Odokar

“There were twelve of us, at first. They got Leland, his wound wouldn’t stop bleeding. He kept keening, like a dying pig. Swarund put him out of his misery, but his wailing was enough to signal more. They came from the dark. They howled like dogs and smelled of copper. I would swear the one that got my leg used to be our lighter-boy. Now I sit and wait. When the wind blows, I hear their distant howls. I will not be kept waiting long, I think.”

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This adventure isn’t particularly linked to any other – I wrote it in order to ‘take a break’ from my previously established canon. It’s kind of interesting how my go-to place for ‘non-canon’ stuff is deep underground, with dwarves and spiders and such. Anyway, I had a good time playing through this last night – I hope you enjoy it too!

Child & Eagle

Named for a pub in Oxford where Tolkien and a few friends used to meet for a book club – I’ve re-purposed it as a meeting place and ‘secret’ award for some of Chalcedon’s more eccentric inventors!

Here’s the last PDF for May 2015: The Child & Eagle.

The Child and Eagle

(These ideas were originally meant to fit in Vectis 1769, but I ran out of space & time last month. I’m glad I had the chance to come back to them.) Enjoy!

Vectis 1769

This venerable island-city has been plunged into economic depression, following the assassination of it’s most prominent guildmaster. More than 1000 craftsmen have lost their jobs. Many of them roam the streets, living in shacks cobbled together from junk. The guildmaster’s grandaughter was last seen living in a hovel in Lavender Park.

With so many clever but desperate folk on the streets, crime is at an all-time high. For the right sort of individual, that means opportunities…

Vectis 1769

Sanderson Distillery

When the distillery was sold, it’s factories were mothballed. Dozens of workers lost their jobs. The new owners partially converted the building; the new cafe and museum is generally agreed to overpriced and underwhelming. 

But there are opportunities here too, check out this facility. The old owners have questions, and need someone smart to find their answers. While desperate fools scrounge through piles of rubbish, the savvy plan to infiltrate the old complex to find better treasures inside. And you’ve heard the new owner is looking for able-bodied men and women, though details are mysteriously absent….

In a first for these adventures, I’ve included optional monster rules for Into the Odd. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this system – it’s even faster than Dungeon World and character creation is lightning quick – perfect for rapid playtesting!

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Brave New World!


And here’s the last PDF of 2014 – and a map!

I’ve had this under construction for a while – it’s a ‘culture guide’ designed to add a little flavour to your characters. I’ve also included ideas for a few people and places from each location, to help spark some new adventures when you need it!

(I’ve done some playtesting, but as always feedback is useful and will go into any future re-releases.)

So there you go – a great combination to use with the map last release, and a fun way to end the year. And what a year it’s been! Thank you again for all your support, hope you enjoy, and see you in 2015! On other promotions, checkout Augusta Car Accident Attorneys.
Brave New World


4 Halloween-themed Adventures

It’s been a bit quiet here at joebanner.co.uk for a few weeks, but I’ve still been hard at work! Here’s four adventures with a distinct Halloween flavour for October (well, 3 for October and one for November… but they’re still pretty good together!)

Download October’s Patreon Adventures for Dungeon World!

Downstream of a Dead Town

The doom of Sherford began with the interest of the dragon Demophon. Although his kin cared little for the knowledge of mortals, Demophon – a mere whelp at eighty years old – had developed a morbid fascination into alchemy. Unfortunately, in spite of his ‘hobby’ the dragon had no more empathy for men, elves, dwarves and the like than the rest of his kin.

The Tomb of the Golden Child

Ten days ago, an infamous Umberto con artist broke into one of Umberto’s oldest pyramids – the necropolis of Nebu Khaba. With the help of a tracker named Buddy, he attempted to steal enchanted burial supplies, but the trip went south and only Mal returned.

When Mal returns to the pyramid with the players, they will all need to unravel the mystery of what happened to Buddy – and what terrible evil his actions may have unleashed!

The Wolf of Otranto

A solitary cry echoes through the trees, followed by a long howl. The pines start shaking violently, though there’s little wind to trouble them. Nearby – but which direction? – a twig snaps. What do you do?

On Crystal Thews

Crystal-kin, you can handle. Vampires, sure why not. But crystalline vampires? That’s a new one. The village elder led you here, to this broken sepulchre; standing guard, a blood-soaked creature of copper, quartz and gravel. Spitted on one of the titan’s crystalline shoulders is the blacksmith’s son. The monster’s spotted you, and he’s pissed.

What do you do?

Fluxington’s Folly

You come to the top of the high street. From a dilapidated visitors centre – complete with model village – three locals rise to meet you. Their skin and teeth are ash-grey; their eyes a pale bronze. Each of them have replaced some of their limbs with mechanical substitutes. They regard you coldly, weapons bared but not drawn.

What do you do?

I’ve tried something designed specially for new players with this adventure. If you’re looking for something to use as a way to introduce Dungeon World to your players, give Fluxington’s Folly a try and tell me how you get on!

Fluxington’s Folly

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