Different Mimics

Goblinpunch and Chris McD both talked about traps recently. They’re decent reading, and got me thinking about traps too.

Overcoming a good trap might be the cornerstone of an entire session, right? They’re pretty important, and not just in a “here’s a thing that isn’t 1d6 goblins to throw at the party” kinda way.

Tangentially related – I picked up a sick Mimic model from Reaper Bones the other day. So now I’m thinking about good traps, interesting mimics, and ways these can be the cornerstone of a good session’s play. read more

INTO THE ODD: My Easy Reference PDF

Since it was released, I’ve run and played a fair few games of Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd. It’s fast, simple, and the rules for character creation are probably my favourite out of any RPG. In fact, I’ve played enough games to warrant making an easy reference document merging the basic rules with some of my own ideas – namely what I use to quickly run games in my own setting. read more

Useful resources for RPG design and layout

So this is off the back of last night’s Indiemeet, which was a very fun and productive meeting indeed. I talked a bit about several things related to design and layout, so I thought in the cold light of day I’d elaborate on those quickly.

Fonts: Google Fonts has a great selection of free fonts to use, BUT as Graham said don’t try to be clever. If in doubt stick to Garamond for most of your text, with a simple sans-serif font (maybe Arial or Century Gothic, for starters) for your page headings. read more

What’s a “love letter”?

If you frequent the DW communities online but haven’t played or read Apocalypse World yet, you may have heard the term “love letter” before but not be sure what it means.

In brief, it’s a few paragraphs written specifically for a player or players to bring them up to speed on their situation, usually after a break or big change of scene. read more

“Sell me this pen”: Sales techniques in RPGs

I finally got around to watching The Wolf of Wall Street a couple of days ago, and as expected, I loved it. A big part of my job is selling, so I have a soft spot when sales techniques are portrayed in modern media.

Anyway, I was pondering the movie this morning and I got to thinking that “sales” might apply to a GM’s techniques in an RPG as well. After all, you’re trying to get your players to buy in to the idea of a fantastic world, right? The payoff is you all have a good time. If the pitch goes badly, you’re less likely to (if you like) close the sale – the players will get less interested in the game. read more