The Wazirs of Umberto

Everyone knows the magi council can’t give sage advice, because they are power-hungry, incestuous and cunning.
So when the young caliph needs an honest answer, he asks a wazir.

When the caliph asked “why do the tarpits of Rhamdesh still bubble, even after so long in the summer sun?” seventeen wazirs went to find the answer. Only one returned, but was rewarded with all the riches of his fellows. read more

The Forest of Dust

So! The Forest of Dust. A dusty ruin in the heart of the desert. Ghosts and bandits abound. In the centre, a man of fire cries out for release. Will you free Fire-Lies-Contained? Will you return to civilisation burdened with the riches of a lost civilisation? Or will your bones be eroded to powder, like the long-dead ghosts of the Forest of Dust?

Umberto: Shahzadi + Map

Umberto: Shahzadi is a two-part adventure made in January 2015, covering events that occured in both 2013’s Shadows of Umberto and 2014’s The Green Scar.

Ten years after the near-destruction of Umberto city, the nation’s young regent Caliph Umba-Ertan al-Ertan has publically announced his intention to marry the Amira El-Rayhim Dra El-Naga – an anthropomorphic shard of a dead god from the jungle once called the Green Scar. But will her procession be destroyed before it arrives in Part 1: The Amira’s Procession, and will the young king’s penchant for knowledge lead to his downfall in part II: The Well of All Souls?  read more

Mini-Encounter: The Door of Places

(Umberto, Nyeprop, Lyasene, Olmason, Cthulem and Khimine).
(Umberto, Nyeprop, Lyasene, Olmason, Cthulem and Khimine).

You’re in a cavern deep underground. Your dim torchlight reveals a heavy stone door tucked away in the corner, the surface covered with centuries of cobwebs and dust. It resists all physical attempts to smash it apart or wrench it open. The only other exits are the way you came and some kind of grille in the centre of the cavern floor.

Embossed on the front of the door in time-dulled silver are the names of six ancient cities. It looks like each letter could be pressed:


  • Where is this ancient deep? Is it a tomb, a mine or some unknown cave system?
  • What are you here to claim?
  • The language on the door isn’t common, dwarvish or elvish. What is it? How did you come to learn it?
  • What lies beyond the door?
  • Which one of you lost their way once getting here? What did the group lose because of it? (Whoever answers mark XP.)
  • Who is a native of one of the cities named? What’s it like?
  • Which of the cities no longer exists? Why not?
  • And, as always, What do you do?

If the players press the first button of each city (“unlock”) the grille in the centre of the cavern is unlocked, releasing it’s captive – a great worm!

If the players press the last button of each city (“open me”) the door opens with a blast of stale air, staying open for about a minute. Play to find out what happens next… read more