A Stench in Nosjad

A capital city with a dirty secret!

You are in Nosjad to earn your fortune, the same as most of this cities’ million residents. To that end, you have come at the request of your sponsor – more on them shortly – to investigate a spate of missing persons in the shipping district. People have been going missing in the area around Remly Powersplurt’s workshop for the last 3 weeks. There seems to be no pattern to the dates or victims, and no ransom has been posted. Uncovering the mystery of these disappearances alone will improve your reputation – but what your sponsor has to offer is even more enticing…

A Stench in Nosjad

Actual Play:

I’ve tried a couple of new things with this week’s Patreon PDF adventure. There was a lot of talk on the Dungeon World tavern last week about prep vs improv play that influenced me to update the “how to use” guide I’ve been adding at the start of each book. This week’s offering is also more directed, but – I hope – not so much that it detracts from the improvisational playstyle of Dungeon World.

I’d be keen to hear what you think on this process, so I’ve left comments open below. You can also reach me via the contact form, or look me up on G+ (links at the top of the page.)

Edit (09/02/2014)

Following on some excellent suggestions from the DW Tavern, I’ve made a few tweaks to this PDF.

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