Aberrant’s Eye

A gnomish land of treasures, hidden deep beneath the mountain.

Reports of an unlicensed gnomish airship crashing into the Aberrant’s Eye mountainĀ has been the talk of the taverns from Nosjad to Nekesti. What were they transporting, and why were they taking it to the location of the so-called “last home of the gnomes”? Get your swords and head north, adventurers – it’s time to find out. Oh, and be warned – the gnomes have a reputation for often-fatal “security measures.” Don’t forget that 10-foot pole…

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Aberrants Eye

12 pages of PDF goodness ready to throw at your gaming group for your next game of Dungeon World. And, as always, if you like what I’m doing you might have heard rumours of this Patreon campaign I’m running.