Azulgunds Bane

Years ago, Azulgund was lost to Goldbane Greasetooth and his greenskin hordes. Its people were forced to abandon the city. In their wake, the elf ranger Khulorien “volunteered” to plumb the depths in their name, claiming he would return with Greasetooth’s head or not at all. Of course, only the most naive believed Khulorien – an egotist and rogue, even for a ranger – was doing this for honour!

I’ve taken a step away from my usual content this month, finding inspiration in the good old fantasy tales of yore – that age-old conflict between the short and stout, and the tall and fair. Dwarves and Elves! Who will win this ancient battle? (Another month, another new format. I think my layout game is improving, though – what do you think?)

I had fun writing these two! I’ve been on a major Warhammer kick lately, there’s superglue and acrylic paint all over my desk again for the first time in years. (Sigmar preserve me, I even picked up Shadow of the Horned rat again.) As I was saying on G+, while it’s a bit heavy-handed the dwarf/elf conflict can lead to some entertaining interpersonal conflict. Which side do you choose?

I also tidied up the quick-start rules, dropping a few unnecessary references. A new version of Last Breath has also been included, intended to be a little softer on new players.


Need more?

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