Failspeake Gorge

Since the emergence of the gnomes, the caverns below Failspeake gorge have been a hotly contested territory. For years, no side was able to claim the upper hand, but the recent arrival of a doomed human in search of power and a titanic ogre in search of dinner may finally settle the conflict once and for all.

Failspeake Gorge is a 16-page PDF detailing a themed collection of monsters, setting ideas, magic items and other goodness to be used with the Dungeon World system. This particular system is all about caves and mines, based on a couple of games and ideas I’ve run with my regular gaming/playtest group (thanks guys!)

Enough talk, I want to play!

Failspeake Gorge

Let me know how it goes and leave me feedback – send me a message on Google+. If you like what you’ve read and you’d like to support me making more, you can donate to my Patreon campaign at, including a few fun reward levels.

Have fun!