Chalcedon Mirkasa Umberto

4 Halloween-themed Adventures

It’s a spooky October theme this month as we present four horror-monster-themed adventures for your brave adventurers!

It’s been a bit quiet here at for a few weeks, but I’ve still been hard at work! Here’s four adventures with a distinct Halloween flavour for October (well, 3 for October and one for November… but they’re still pretty good together!)

Downstream of a Dead Town

The doom of Sherford began with the interest of the dragon Demophon. Although his kin cared little for the knowledge of mortals, Demophon – a mere whelp at eighty years old – had developed a morbid fascination into alchemy. Unfortunately, in spite of his ‘hobby’ the dragon had no more empathy for men, elves, dwarves and the like than the rest of his kin.

The Tomb of the Golden Child

Ten days ago, an infamous Umberto con artist broke into one of Umberto’s oldest pyramids – the necropolis of Nebu Khaba. With the help of a tracker named Buddy, he attempted to steal enchanted burial supplies, but the trip went south and only Mal returned.

When Mal returns to the pyramid with the players, they will all need to unravel the mystery of what happened to Buddy – and what terrible evil his actions may have unleashed!

The Wolf of Otranto

A solitary cry echoes through the trees, followed by a long howl. The pines start shaking violently, though there’s little wind to trouble them. Nearby – but which direction? – a twig snaps. What do you do?

On Crystal Thews

Crystal-kin, you can handle. Vampires, sure why not. But crystalline vampires? That’s a new one. The village elder led you here, to this broken sepulchre; standing guard, a blood-soaked creature of copper, quartz and gravel. Spitted on one of the titan’s crystalline shoulders is the blacksmith’s son. The monster’s spotted you, and he’s pissed.