Review: Faster Than Light (PC)

Grab it on Steam or direct (DRM free) from the website.


  • Immersive but simple gameplay
  • Easy to get caught up in your characters wellbeing
  • Lots of Star Trekky elements to fiddle with, all with ongoing value as you play the game
  • Rewarded for the bigger risks
  • Frontier/Elite random generation adds great replay value
  • Music seemed too simple (almost cheap) at first but becomes surprisingly haunting later on


  • Sprites are simple and get the job done, but lacking in style
  • Was hoping for something more open-ended
  • Random generation can make for unnaturally difficult game (personally I like that kind of element, see Necromunda – again!)
  • Could they incorporate multiplayer somehow? (something like Artemis)


Fantastic value game, very easy to pick up and play (and then get engrossed). A very old-school vibe meets modern casual gameplay. Recommended.