Review: The Magnificent Joop Van Ooms

I’d not heard of it before now, but I just bought it and read it off the back of this post (and that gorgeous cover.)

I liked it. I found it easy to read, and Van Oop and his pals sounded like they could cause a good amount of trouble in any campaign. I also liked the┬ád100 dockside encounters table is getting printed to use in the future, LOTFP or not. I liked that it was at the start, after the ‘setting the scene’ text, so I read it at the same time as I was thinking about Amsterdam.

Personally, I like this kind of “themeing” for an adventure. A character-centric adventure feels more inspiring to me, because it’s a lot harder to invent a compelling antagonist off-the-cuff. (One of the things I love about Death Frost Doom is how the whole thing is ‘framed’ by meeting Zeke at the start. We’ve not even seen what’s within yet, but we can see what it’s done to poor old Zeke!)

I’m all for easter eggs, but my PDF reader (I don’t use Adobe) showed the hidden layers by default, I think – either that or there’s a hidden table or two I’ll never read. That’s a shame, but not such a shame I’m gonna muck about with file readers just to read them. Obviously if I didn’t know about the hidden stuff I’d be none the wiser, but still.

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