Stormania, the Eclipsed Isle

150 leagues north of Mirkasa (near the mythical lands of Jakabol) lies Stormania, one of the world’s northernmost islands. Through some quirk of magic and geography, the island is prone to frequent and extended eclipses. During the long, dark months, all manner of monsters freely roam the land; the locals have learned to keep their doors bolted and pray for a fast sunrise.  

Though dangerous, many adventurers have travelled here hoping to uncover the island’s secrets. It’s said the island’s former lord, a giant-sorceror cursed by his own people, discovered the key to eternal life here.  

Perhaps your party will be the first to delve into these catacombs of antiquity and return victorious. But you’d best be sure you’ve got plenty of torches first… 


Stormania was inspired by the recent eclipse we saw in the UK. Well, I say saw – it was too rainy where I live to see much of anything! But I read that some of the best shots were taken in a place called Svalbard, off the coast of Norway… which got me thinking about a new adventure, returning to the setting of Jakabol. The result is a stand-alone adventure, which I hope will be useful for all you GMs!