The Sanguine Forest

The deadly trees of the Sanguine forest – a blessing, or a curse?

Between Altai and Nekesti, the greying firs and skeletal birch trees become more dense and inhospitable. This is the final resting place of Mamut-bogh, the necromancer’s favoured beast. His bones lie here still, jutting from the ground like rotten teeth. Smart travellers do their best to avoid this cursed place – and the wild, enigmatic creatures that nest within Mamut-bogh’s ossified corpse.

The Sanguine Forest

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We’re going back to nature this week, with a good old-fashioned haunted forest. Part of what makes a good fantasy location is a familiar place – like the old woods – with a little spin to make things a little more unique and memorable. I really like the idea of some ancient monstrosity still scaring the willies out of the townsfolk and emboldening the dark hordes that make the forest their home (until a certain band of brave adventurers come put them in their place, that is!)

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