Trouble in Nekesti

An Adventure PDF supported by Patreon

The farming town of Nekesti is plagued by enemies without and corruption within. While the population of industrious gnomes, surly peasants and grim-faced templars all try and avoid lynching each other, their magistrate has much darker plans…

Trouble in Nekesti

This is my second PDF funded by my kind Patreon followers, and it’s a bit of a quest hub! I’ve included two adventure starters in here to kick off the action, as well as some random tables to add further complications to the players’ lives.

Following on some feedback, I’ve included a couple of simple maps of the town and the Kalareth estate as well. If you’d like to see me develop these in more detail, or want to see more of something or less of another, I value your feedback. And if you’re not currently supporting me on Patreon and like what you see, you can pledge a buck or two to help me write more.