A Death in the Forest!

A murder in the woods – and nighttime is fast approaching!

Adventurers! You stand beside a pleasant, bubbling brook at twilight. The scent of pine needles and fresh moss lies heavy on the air. A chill wind scatters leaves around your feet. A bloated corpse is lying face-down in the water. He seems to have been drained of all his blood. What do you do?

Epidah Ravachol happened to post about a writing/white noise site called Noisli the other day, and on a whim I thought I’d check it out. It was really nice! I played around with the settings and found a rather nice combo of running water and birdsong that reminded me of a peaceful forest. And then, because I’m a bit weird like that, I wondered what said forest would be like with a corpse in it. A few hours later, here we are…

I quite enjoyed writing this one. There’s less locations and maps I’m afraid – I recommend Dyson’s maps in lieu of having anything prepared myself. I did include more impressions though, so hopefully this will fire up your imagination for some forest adventures by the fading light of day!