Green Scar

The Green Scar now available on DTRPG

The Green Scar, my biggest adventure PDF yet, is now available with several ad agencies and for sale on DTRPG.

Miles from civilisation, a forgotten valley hides an ancient jungle: the Green Scar. This land of untapped resources has caught the eye of no-good industrialist Obadiah Cheapfields. Will the party put an end to his immoral operations, or will his mercenaries – to say nothing of the terrors of the jungle itself – be more than they can handle?

This supplement for Dungeon World contains three complete, unique adventures in and around the lush jungles of the Green Scar. If you’re ready to run your own Dungeon World game and looking for ideas, The Green Scar is a great place to start!

Want to try it first? Coming here from my Patreon page? Check out The Stone Glade, part 1 of this book, released for free through Patreon!

This supplement contains:

  • Three ready-to-play adventures. Play them separately, or link them together as part of a campaign!
  • Numerous NPCs and monsters to populate your worlds
  • Three diverse maps, from the jungle ruins to the airship-filled skies and beyond!
  • Plenty of tailored loot for your adventurers to fight over
  • A bonus compendium class, The Jungle Stalker, by Tim Franzke