Adventures Chalcedon

Warrens of Odokar

“There were twelve of us, at first. They got Leland, his wound wouldn’t stop bleeding. He kept keening, like a dying pig. Swarund put him out of his misery, but his wailing was enough to signal more. They came from the dark. They howled like dogs and smelled of copper. I would swear the one that got my leg used to be our lighter-boy. Now I sit and wait. When the wind blows, I hear their distant howls. I will not be kept waiting long, I think.”

This adventure isn’t particularly linked to any other – I wrote it in order to ‘take a break’ from my previously established canon. It’s kind of interesting how my go-to place for ‘non-canon’ stuff is deep underground, with dwarves and spiders and such. Anyway, I had a good time playing through this last night – I hope you enjoy it too!