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Creature: Mortuary-General

A lithe, stone creature, 8 feet tall. Reeks of death and precision.

Stats as Lich or Necromancer. Race: Humanoid/Death

Resistant to piercing (Stone skin). AC as plate (18)

8 HD (5e: At least 80hp)

A death wizard who was responsible for some unholy element of the Dwarrowdeln’s construction, probably the pharoah-like entombment of the Architect-king. Obviously they’re still going. Technically, every 130th tile on the Dwarrowdeln functions as their phylactery.

If destroyed, Any stone coffins made through magic (see spells below) will disintegrate. MG can reincarnate given time and relative peace (IE no adventurers tramping around bashing things) from one of the other every 130th tile. Will be pissed at the loss of control obliteration means.

If every 130th tile is smashed, or the Dwarrowdeln is utterly dismantled, The MG will suffer it’s true death.


2 per turn, plus move (40’/fly)

  • Stone Explosion/Implosion (+6/1d10 smashing dmg). Also as reaction (½ damage.)
  • Create Stone Duplicate (½ HD of original, cannot Calcify Flesh)
  • Calcify Flesh (Touch/DC15 WIS/3d10 damage, ½ on save)
  • Perfect Coffin (30’/DC12 DEX/Encases target in an aesthetically beautiful stone coffin. Target is immobilised; may try to free self if they pass a DC15 WIS (fear, claustrophobia) save. All coffins crumble away upon Lich’s death. Will save this spell for only the prettiest (Lich’s opinion) creature, unless truly desperate.
  • Raise Dead (1d6 1HD skeletons)


  • Will attempt to encase the most aesthetically pleasing character in stone (Perfect Mausoleum.)
  • Will summon 1d6 Skeletons when reduced to 50hp or less.
  • Will attempt to activate and flee through a scrying portal at 25hp or less. Note: high chance this will lead to his death (lands on the sun, or in a perfectly locked tomb elsewhere…)


Ruined observatory. 3 scrying portals are damaged, random things pop in if they’re activated. They lead who the eff knows where:

  1. The Dungeon entrance
  2. Another portal
  3. The Saferoom
  4. Elsewhere…

If nearly dead the Architect-Lich will attempt to open a portal and flee through it.

Lair contains a dozen coffins, all complete, in varying styles and designs. About half are in disrepair. Any complete ones (these were definitely built with magic) will collapse when the MG is reduced to 0 HP. One of these holds the body and effects of a notable dwarf lord. There’s 500 GP in there and inlaid golden bones (75 lbs’ worth, carried in up to 3 piles) worth another 750.