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The Founding of Mirkasa

The giants were dead, victims of their own barbaric hungers. In time, the men of the northern mountains uncovered their legacy. They used their spells and relics to raise the dead, corrupt the living and bind the souls of free men. So began the reign of the Kang Admi, the first necromancers, whose very name is a byword for unspeakable sin.

The lady Mirka was the daughter of a mountain farmer, born into servitude during the heyday of the necromancer’s dread reign. It’s not known why their magic did not work on her. Strength of faith? Natural immunity? Or a skill, self taught and hard earned through years of oppression? Whatever the source, when she came of age she learned to share her power with her tribe. They became known as the first templars of Mirka, and with each victory, more of the undead were scourged from the land.

Though the thirteen-year campaign was a victory, the final cost was high. The necromancers had been destroyed, their relics and spells broken; but only a fraction of the original templars remained. Mirka herself was last seen leading her best warriors into battle, charging into the foul lair of the final necromancer. A day later, the entire lair collapsed upon itself. Not a soul emerged.

Mirka’s Grave

Though the region was searched for weeks, Mirka’s remains were never recovered. To this day, some believe she lived on; continuing her righteous crusade against the forces of evil. The truth of her disappearance is only revealed to templars who have completed their training; thus, it is the first task of the acolytes to travel the world in search of their saint.