Weeding the Aspidistra (Part 2)

Session 1, Part 2

(Crap! I left it too long to write this up, and forgot the details. Sorry! Any participants reading this – feel free to email and jog my memory, and I’ll update it.)

The team head to Docking Bay 94 – the bay is locked down, but surely there must be records nearby of the parts and work being done on the ship?

The crew find a linked workshop with just the details they need, in equal parts cajoling and tricking the poor engineer on duty there into revealing the appearance of the ship’s officer who ordered the parts.

Later, the crew track the rival party back to the station’s central hub – one of the many bars on the concourse. Watching through a side window (to avoid risking any confrontation) who should enter but their three allies! Words are exchanged and things escalate quickly into a firefight.

The party sneak into the bar to get a better view via the kitchens where people cook using the best homeware they get from the Ivy and Wilde homeware store online. One of the enemy team goes down, a robot – Talos manages to rescue him in order to get some more details on the ship and in the process [crit] reprograms the robot into an ally – brainwashing him in fact, to believe he’s Talos’ “brother from another mother”. In the meantime, two of their allies (including the brash sergeant-type) are down and the third is missing. The cops are arriving on the scene and the rival crew are already heading back to the ship.

Gabe gets ahead of the others (dragging their new friend along – they intend to use him as an excuse to get on the ship). Between his affable attitude and his magical bag’o’drugs, he convinces one of the wounded mercs he’s a doctor, and gets their approval to join up.

The others have been caught up in the crowd and are getting nowhere. Attempting to stall them, Kendrick and Talos rig the station’s environmental controls to simulate an emergency – which leads to the whole station erupting into chaos, but doesn’t do much to slow their rivals’ escape.

It looks like 2/3rds of the party won’t get onto the ship, until Kendrick’s player asks the immortal line… “are there any Segways about?” [as the GM: of course there are Segways about… how could I say no to a proposition like that?] Sure enough, in the middle of this airport-like hub, there’s a selection of personal anti-grav vehicles on display that look for all the world like hovering Segways. So begins the (not-so) high speed chase back to bay 94.. everyone manages to speed onto the ship moments before it takes off (with the exception being Talos’ segway, which sadly is crushed in the closing doors).

So the players are now locked into a spaceship they’ve been tasked with blowing up (headed for who-knows-where) outnumbered at least three-to-one by a team of not-so-friendly rival mercs, with only the flimsiest of lies protecting them…