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Strange rumours abound of odd folk and freshly-discovered treasure amidst the quiet fields of Middenvalley. What can be found in the ruins below? Who are the ratty-folk, and why do the Middeners want them dead? What became of the village of Sorrowchurch? Let’s play to find out.

Thank you to everyone offering their input on the work in progress earlier this month! read more

A Clerkenwell Carol

So it’s a bit after Christmas… but if you’re still tucking into Turkey and enjoying the holiday season, you could do worse than have a go with this stocking filler, designed for all good OSR or Dungeon-Crawler titles! Ho ho ho!

…Wow. That came out a lot more sales-pitchy than I expected. In all seriousness, I had a blast playtesting this one last week. If you’re not too zonked out from the holiday season, I hope you will too! read more

Verhängnisnacht: The End of Days

It’s the end of an era and your doom is at hand. Your hated foes have infiltrated the city from below; even now set the watchtowers and barracks aflame while the city sleeps. If there is to be any chance, you must run the gauntlet of the streets and ring the alarum bell, rousing the city to battle.

Klare, the Half-Bondsman

Image credit: Knightess by Typesprite (DeviantArt)

Klare is already there when I arrive for our interview. We meet in Bryne, in a quiet cafe in the artist’s quarter. Bryne is a prominent university town, known to be suffering from a blight of mutant creatures the locals call half-breeds.

Azulgunds Bane

Years ago, Azulgund was lost to Goldbane Greasetooth and his greenskin hordes. Its people were forced to abandon the city. In their wake, the elf ranger Khulorien “volunteered” to plumb the depths in their name, claiming he would return with Greasetooth’s head or not at all. Of course, only the most naive believed Khulorien – an egotist and rogue, even for a ranger – was doing this for honour! read more

INTO THE ODD: My Easy Reference PDF

Since it was released, I’ve run and played a fair few games of Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd. It’s fast, simple, and the rules for character creation are probably my favourite out of any RPG. In fact, I’ve played enough games to warrant making an easy reference document merging the basic rules with some of my own ideas – namely what I use to quickly run games in my own setting. read more

Warrens of Odokar

“There were twelve of us, at first. They got Leland, his wound wouldn’t stop bleeding. He kept keening, like a dying pig. Swarund put him out of his misery, but his wailing was enough to signal more. They came from the dark. They howled like dogs and smelled of copper. I would swear the one that got my leg used to be our lighter-boy. Now I sit and wait. When the wind blows, I hear their distant howls. I will not be kept waiting long, I think.” read more